Through a network of associations and social organizations from Mexico to Argentina, the ELLAS network is organizing the 3rd Latin American Women’s Meetings in December, from 12 to 15 in Cali, Colombia. 4 days of workshops, debates, decision-making for future actions around topics that affect women and transgender people (maternity, economy,harassment, work, empowerment, culture, diversity etc.)

#metoo, #balancetonporc, the women’s march. The difficult situation of women at home or at work has become an international discussion. Harrasment, sexism appear everywhere, many times where we did not expect them and especially at work. Beyond the denunciations, the massive visibility of the issues are turning more and more into a way of organization, sorority and sisterhood. Women of Latin America, less visible on the international scene, have been at the forefront of the battle. A commitment motivated by, difficult social and cultural contexts for women on the lands of Ni una menos (not one less), femicidios (femicides),trafficking networks and forced prostitution.

50,000 women arrive in a town of just 90,000 inhabitants.
3 days together to reflect on their future, their right, feminisms, machismo, violence suffered but also the couple, sexuality, diversity, economy or power.
3 days full time between workshops, debates, parties, conferences, solidarity market and final event in the streets of the city.
Unique meetings, the 33rd this year.
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